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Advanced Notice for the Election of the Contract Committee 2010

The current collective agreement is set to expire March 31, 2011, which means that notice to bargain can legally be served as early as December 1, 2010. By way of preparation, we will move immediately to fill the nine (9) elected positions on the Contract Committee. This letter serves as an advance notice explaining briefly how the process will unfold in the coming days and weeks.
The Contract Committee is made up of the following elected members:
– President
– Executive Vice-President
– Five (5) Regional Vice-Presidents
– Nine (9) elected positions as follows:
º YVR ACC & YVR Tower
º IFR Prairie (YEG and YWG ACCs)
º VFR West (all towers west of and including YQT, except YVR)
º VFR East (all towers east of YQT except YYZ, and Bilingual Towers)
º YYZ ACC and YYZ Tower
º VFR Bilingual (all towers in Quebec and YOW Tower)
º IFR Bilingual (YUL ACC)
º IFR Atlantic (YQM and YQX ACCs)
º Non-operational members

Roles and responsibilities of Contract Committee:
• To faithfully reflect and bring forward the views and concerns of the members in each area and facility, as well as of the membership as a whole;
• To provide necessary guidance and resources to the negotiators at every stage;
• To regularly communicate with and update the members; and
• To deliver the best possible tentative agreement for the members’ approval.
It is important to remember that while the Contract Committee makes all decisions leading up to the tentative agreement, it does not conduct the actual negotiations, nor do Contract Committee members individually bring contract proposals to the table. The latter must be discussed, adopted, and submitted by branch meetings called for that purpose.
The nomination period for the nine (9) elected positions will start August 4, 2010. The deadline for nominations to be submitted will be August 17, 2010.
Detailed information as to voting procedures will be sent out by August 25, 2010, as well as being posted on the CATCA website.
Voting will be open September 1, 2010 and close September 14, 2010 at 12:00 EDT. Please note that voting by proxy is not permitted. Results will be released on September 14, 2010.
Please watch for further announcements in coming days, and thank you all in advance for your participation in this important democratic process.

In solidarity,

Greg Myles

Doug Best
Executive Vice-President