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A story of giving and sharing

There is nothing that celebrates the spirit of giving more than someone in need helping someone else in need. This is exactly what the Controllers of Fort McMurray have done for their brothers and sisters in Windsor Tower.

We all remember the devastation of the wildfires of Fort Mac. We also all remember the generosity of CATCA members and the greater aviation community in raising a large sum of money to help our Fort Mac brothers and sisters.

What you may not remember is the September flooding in Windsor, Ontario. For three days, the small southern Ontario town was drenched in up to 195mm of rain. The mayor declared a state of emergency and residents did what they could to protect their families, their homes and their belongings.

When it finally stopped raining, over 1700 homes were damaged, including those of two Windsor Tower Controllers. Unfortunately, the damage to their houses was not covered by insurance.

When the Controllers in Fort McMurray heard that two of their own had also suffered at the hands of Mother Nature, they held a meeting and voted to send YQG $5,000 to be used towards the losses.

On behalf of all CATCA members, we’d like to thank the Fort McMurray Controllers for their kindness and generosity; we wish our Windsor members a wonderful holiday, safe and warm in their homes.

To all members, we are (again) so proud of how you always look out for each other – we are a family indeed.

In solidarity,

Peter Duffey                            Doug Best
President                                 Executive Vice President

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