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2022 Contract Committee Election Results

July 2, 2022

2022 Contract Committee Election Results

Elections for the five (5) Contract Committee positions have been completed.

Congratulations to:

  • Wayne Badcock who will represent the Gander ACC
  • Scott Turner who will represent the Moncton ACC
  • Jonathan Daoust who will represent the Montreal ACC
  • James Legein who will represent the Vancouver ACC & Tower
  • Richard Davenport who will represent the Toronto ACC & Tower

With these results, your new 2022 – 2023 Contract Committee representatives are:

Committee Position Representative   Committee Position Representative
Edmonton ACC Mike Loftus   Central Towers Matthew Lo
Winnipeg ACC Jeff Timmy   Prairie Towers Chad Wassing
Gander ACC Wayne Badcock   Atlantic Towers Peter Bryant
Moncton ACC Scott Turner   Pacific Towers Steven Pawluk
Montreal ACC Jonathan Daoust   Bilingual Tower Jeremie Yelle
Vancouver ACC & Tower James Legein   Non-control positions Timothy Waldroff
Toronto ACC & Tower Richard Davenport


The Union wishes to thank all members who participated in this call for Committee members.

On behalf of the Elections Committee,

Scott Loder
Executive Vice President

Click here for the PDF.