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2020 Classification Results

May 4, 2021

2020 Classification Results

The Classification Working Group has completed the reviews for the nine towers that remained to be considered under the revised criteria for Job Evaluation (JE) factors 2 (Communication and Interpersonal Skills), 3 (Problem-Solving and Complexity), and 7 (Physical, Visual, Auditory, and Concentration Demands – PVAC) in the CATCA Classification Standard.

In addition, substantial revisions were completed to JE factor 1 (Knowledge) and 5 (Impact) and all towers except the four major towers were reviewed under the new criteria.

The relative weights within the overall system of some of the JE factors were also adjusted to better reflect the relative importance of the JE factors in the evaluation of CATCA positions.

Finally, the bands defining the boundaries for each ATC pay grade were adjusted to account for the change in relative weights of the factors and the availability of more points under the revised standard.

All of these proposed revisions were outlined to members at the Banff 2019 convention and the implementation followed the resolution passed at that convention (POL 22) which directed the CATCA EB to pursue these changes.

The Working Group also identified some issues with some results for reviews of JE factor 2 (Communication and Interpersonal Skills) which did not properly reflect the assessment of the Working Group for some units. This led to a revision of the method for evaluating units under this factor and all 36 towers were reviewed under the revised method.

The end result of these revisions is that the total scores for all of the units reviewed in the last four years have changed. Due to the nature of the revisions, almost all unit scores went down but the thresholds for each ATC grade also went down accordingly. For most units there has been no change in ATC grade.

A more detailed report on the revisions and reviews from 2020 and a description of the future review process is being sent to the towers that were reviewed over the last four years.

On Behalf of the Executive Board;

Doug Best                                                                    Scott Loder
President                                                                     Executive Vice President

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