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2011 Committee Appointments

At the Fall board meeting the Board of Director’s made the following appointments:

CATCA Technical Committee
Steve Malloy (YWG ACC), Chair
Chris Kempffer (Outaouais, TSC)
Emile Fuchs (YVR ACC)
Daryl Stilson (YYZ ACC)
Dan Hamzic (YYZ ACC)
Frank Kennedy (YHZ Tower)
Occupational Safety and Health Representative
Mark Bernard (YVR ACC)
Young Controllers Council
Carrie Amell (VFR Central)
Les Boutilier (YYZ ACC)
Maureen Pottinger (YVR ACC)
Cameron Stoyles (VFR Atlantic)
Geneviève St-Pierre (VFR Bilingual)
Tyler Wilkinson (YWG ACC)
Chris Wonnacott (YQM ACC)
Elections Committee
Melissa Coulter (YEG ACC)
Noel Dwyer (Bytown)
Chad Watt (YHM Tower)
Sean Williams (YQM ACC)
Board of Trustees
James Legein (YVR ACC)
Terry Ross (YQM ACC)
Tony Zaychuk (YEG ACC)

The Board wishes to thank everyone who put their name forward for consideration. The increased number of interested members’ bodes well for our continued growth and effectiveness.
In solidarity

Greg Myles

Doug Best
Executive Vice-President