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Urgent Union Update #3

March 26, 2020

Urgent Union Update #3

CATCA and NAV Canada continue to work daily addressing issues in the workplace surrounding COVID-19. Most units have seen a change in their scheduling practices in an effort to isolate people using crew systems as best we can. This was a significant undertaking by the RVP’s, local branches and NAV Canada local management. Only through working together were we able to undertake such a large scale change in such a short period of time. Our members at Transport Canada are all working from home and we are working with Serco to solve problems in Goose Bay.

Training, seniority bids and relocation are being handled locally on a case by case basis. Thus far over 80% of training has been suspended. Generally, anyone who has commenced relocation will continue but will not report to the new unit to commence training until further advised. Anyone who had future relocation dates will have their relocation suspended for the time being. All decisions are being made with the health and safety of the workforce coming first.

These are unprecedented times for our membership and the future holds many questions. We are in a situation that seemed unimaginable just a few short weeks ago. But, we’ve been here before with 9/11, SARS, market crashes, and volcanic disruptions to transatlantic traffic. The current situation is going to place significant financial pressures on NAV Canada. Working together we have always survived the challenges placed before us and we will survive the challenges that COVID-19 presents as well.

To our members, thank you for what you are doing to keep Canada moving.  Your professionalism and commitment to our country and its critical infrastructure is exemplary and we couldn’t be prouder!

We will continue to update the membership on the situation with COVID-19 as it develops.

Please take a moment to watch a video message from President Peter Duffey here.

On Behalf of the Executive Board;

Peter Duffey                                                                     Doug Best
President                                                                          Executive Vice President

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