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Special General Meeting & CATCA Training Sessions

In regards to the resolution passed at Convention 2022, which states that CATCA is to hold a referendum vote to determine the future of our Association’s affiliation with Unifor, the CATCA executive has been in discussions with Unifor since last summer to address this issue.  To that end, CATCA and Unifor have negotiated a new tentative merger agreement.

As a result, the Executive Board (EB) has passed 2 resolutions. The first, to call a Special General Meeting (SGM) on April 24, 2023, to relay details of the new tentative merger agreement. The second, to increase the delegate contingent present at the SGM to that equal to the requirements of Convention (Policy Book, Section I, para 10.1) due to the extremely high importance of the information to be presented to the membership on the new tentative merger agreement and the resolution regarding affiliation with Unifor. You can view the resolutions here: [Resolution 1]; [Resolution 2].

In addition to the SGM, the EB felt that this presents us with an opportunity to host training sessions on April 25-26, 2023, for those that will be in attendance for the SGM.  The EB has recognized the need and importance to put more focus on yearly National training for our local representatives, and this will provide the necessary starting point in developing that plan moving forward.

As we prepare further information to be sent to Branches regarding registration and location details, Branch Executives should review their [Delegate entitlements] and begin their selection process for the SGM.

On behalf of the Executive Board,

Nick von Schoenberg                                                            Scott Loder

President                                                                                  Executive Vice President

Click here to access the PDF copy of this announcement.