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Mandatory Vaccination Update

October 5, 2021

Mandatory Vaccination Update

Feedback from members has made it clear that the B&F sent on September 28, 2021, has been misinterpreted to some extent and that clarification is required. The Union is not pushing back against vaccination, and we continue to support a safe and healthy workplace.

Nevertheless, there are several questions raised by NAV Canada’s implementation of its vaccine mandate that needs to be addressed, and we are exercising due diligence in this regard. In particular, we are challenging aspects of NAV Canada’s mandate that have not been explained and may be unnecessary to achieve its stated purpose.

The Company is imposing a policy that could result in some of our members ending up unemployed, without considering less extreme measures within the context of a safe and healthy workplace. In addition, the Company has not provided clear and substantive answers about the effects on some entitlements and benefits for those who may be terminated. We continue to have to question every possible circumstance when we should be receiving a clear, comprehensive and unambiguous statement on these issues.

There are also important questions about the privacy of personal medical information that have not been fully addressed. Members who do not have concerns should, of course, proceed as they choose. For those members who remain concerned about the extent of the information required and the security of that information, CATCA continues to press for answers to questions, including the level of detail that should be provided, whether the information should be uploaded to Workday, and where will the information be stored.  Given that there has already been an internal security breach this year involving some personal information of some of our members, the security of our members’ personal health information cannot be taken for granted.

Again, CATCA fully supports the maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace for our members.  In this context, any policy that could result in the termination of CATCA members requires the careful scrutiny and the provision by NAV Canada of comprehensive and complete information.  Independent of the vaccine mandate itself, questions of privacy must be addressed.

In Solidarity,

CATCA Executive Board

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