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Data Systems Coordinator – Appeal Outcome

October 21, 2019

Under the prior classification process (before the matrix process was introduced), classification levels could be appealed to a tripartite review panel. A tripartite committee was created to hear appeals under the prior classification process. The panel is chaired by Sandra Haydon, an independent contractor and one of the original designers of the Deloitte Classification Standard. NAV Canada has one appointee, and CATCA appointed Gordon Howe, CATCA Classification Analyst as our panel member.

An appeal was heard in Toronto on September 19, 2019, for the Data Systems Coordinator position to re-evaluate:

  1. Problem Solving and Complexity, and
  2. Leadership and Development of Others sub-factors

The tripartite panel completed its work and the final report has been issued. The appeal was denied as the panel concluded that the totality of the activities did not meet the full definition of a level 3 rating where there is an expectation for on-going and consistent responsibility for the direction of other NAV employees. The Panel recommends that the Data Systems Coordinator remains appropriately evaluated as an ATC-6.

If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Vice President.

On behalf of the Executive Board,


Peter Duffey                                                                Doug Best
President                                                                     Executive Vice President


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