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CAW Local 2002 Strike: Air Canada customer service agents

As a result of strike action being undertaken by CAW Local 2002 members in some locations may encounter picket lines. Below is an excerpt from the CATCA policy manual that gives direction for members who are confronted by pickets.
4.6 Strike Action by Other Unions or Staff Unions
If picket lines are established at an airport by another union or unions, CATCA/CAW LOCAL 5454 members are required to work. When a controller has any reason to fear for his own safety in attempting to report for duty, he is not obligated to cross a hostile picket line until appropriate protection and assistance are provided by the Employer. However, upon arrival, if threatened or intimidated in any manner at the picket line, he should strategically retreat to avoid any open confrontation and contact management by telephone to request an escort across the picket lines.
We are requesting further information from CAW about picket locations and will advise as plans develop and as information is shared with us.
At this time pickets should only be expected in the passenger check in areas of terminal buildings served by Air Canada customer service agents.