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Bargaining Bulletin #13: Update

October 29, 2019

NAV Canada notified CATCA they will respond to our latest offer to settle the collective agreement on Monday, November 4. The offer will be received by President Peter Duffey and EVP Doug Best.

At the last round of meetings in Toronto earlier this month, your Contract Committee authorized Peter and Doug to receive any offer and then brief the Contract Committee via teleconference. If the contract committee decides the counter offer gives us a basis to continue bargaining, the Contract Committee will reconvene as soon as practical.

In other bargaining news, CATCA met with NAV Canada last week to continue Maintenance of Activity Agreement (MOAA) talks surrounding our right to withdraw services in the event of a strike.  As communicated previously, NAV Canada will not agree that CATCA has any right to withdraw services in relation to training or the provision of any air traffic control functions if a strike occurs. NAV Canada’s position is disappointing considering prior decisions from the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB).

Prior decisions from the CIRB have given CATCA the right to withdraw training functions and other services in the event of a strike. NAV Canada is now taking the position that too much time has passed since those decisions were issued, and a new aeronautical study would need to be commissioned to review the effects of any such withdrawal of services. CATCA’s position is that the prior decisions of the CIRB are as valid today as they have ever been. It is apparent to CATCA that we will have to return to the CIRB again to have them rule on an MOAA.

As always, we thank the membership for their patience and professionalism during the more than six months of working without a collective agreement. We also want to thank the membership for the words of support we are receiving as we head down an unfortunate path.

This is a time for solidarity and standing together.

On behalf of the Contract Committee,

Peter Duffey                                                    Doug Best
President                                                         Executive Vice President


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