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2015 Award of Honour and Regional Volunteer Service Award Winners

CATCA is pleased to announce the following 2015 CATCA award winners.

Award of Honour – Anne Breen (Pacific)
The Award of Honour is given to air traffic controllers who have shown the highest degree of professionalism and support in times of duress.

Anne’s expertise and calm demeanour played a key role in the successful outcome of an incident involving Abbottsford Air 405 at the Nanaimo Airport.

Volunteer Service Awards

– Benoit Vachon (St-Laurent)
– Brian Peterson (Pacific)
– Larry Moulton (Atlantic)
– Scott Loder (Prairie)
– Sophie Noel (Central)

The Volunteer Service Award was recently created by the CATCA Board of Directors to acknowledge the great contributions our members make to our association. The award winners have given countless personal hours to better the working conditions of their fellow controllers.

All winners will be presented with their awards at the upcoming Convention in Halifax April 5-8, 2016.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, congratulations!

Peter Duffey, President

Doug Best, Executive Vice President

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